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Type of research projects undertaken

Opinion has conducted fieldwork for almost all types of research studies. Some of these are:

I.        New Product Research :

Research projects conducted before the Introduction of new products: Several projects were undertaken using quantitative as well qualitative research methods. Some of the products we conducted fieldwork under this category were: Tomato puree, Shampoos, Milk food drinks, etc.

II.       Advertising Research :

The studies carried out by Opinion range from pre & post testing of advertising campaigns to evaluation of promotional success of the campaigns in maintaining consumer awareness and acceptance. Some of the important studies were on products like Fans, Soft Drinks, Suitings etc.

III.      Brand Tracking :

This is carried out to check performance of newly launched brands as well as for established brands.

IV.       Product & Packaging Studies :

These studies assess market appeal & potential of new products as well as the modifications and improvements required in the existing products and their packaging to enhance consumer acceptance. Many surveys have been conducted to select new Designs, Colours, Style, Shape, Graphics and Logos for leading companies.

V.        Usership Studies :

Several projects have been undertaken to determine the usership of a variety of products, both durable and non-durable. Usage and attitude studies would fall into this category.

VI.       Trade Survey :

 Type of Surveys Conducted: 

  1.        Shop Audit
  2.         Shop Observation
  3.          In-depth interviews among dealers, etc.

VII.      Research on Pharmaceutical Products :

We have conducted several research projects on pharmaceutical products such as Steroids, Soyaprotein, Protein Supplements, Disposable Syringes, etc. Fieldwork under this category was conducted at various levels i.e. institutions, medical practitioners and trade.

VIII.     Financial Research :

Several projects were undertaken in this category for banks, financial institutions and advertising agencies. To this end, we have conducted interviews among bank managers, executives in financial institutions, brokers of share markets and private investors.

IX.       Industrial Research :

We have conducted several projects under this category on products such as Printing Machines, Carbonless Copy Paper, Moulding Compounds, etc.

X.        Rural Research :

Some of the jobs we have done under this category are:

  1.               Usership study on consumer durable.
  2.                Interviews with Farmers on Fertilizers, Seeds and Pesticides
  3.                  Family Planning
  4.                 National Television Survey

XI.       Corporate Image Studies :

Some of the Corporate Image Studies we have conducted have been for Hotels, Airlines, Banks, Advertising Agencies, Public and Private Sector Companies.

XII.      Media Research :

  1.              T.V. Audience Study
  2.                T.V. Viewership Monitoring
  3.                 National Television Survey, etc

XIII.     Opinion Poll :

We have also conducted several opinion polls for day to day matters of public interest. This would include topical issue topical like the Elections, etc.