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Field set up:

Being a specialized field work agency our acceptance today is dependent on the quality of field work we do, on our rigid field controls and the strong emphasis we place on training our field peoples.

 A.   General Briefings :

No interviewer go on the field without undergoing adequate training in general rules and regulations of Market Research, and the Do's and Donts, while conducting field work. For all our general briefings and specific briefings on all projects we use our briefing room which is well equipped with gadgets like Overhead projectors, slide projectors and a black board.

B.   Field Accompaniment :

Initially each investigator is accompanied by a supervisor or field officer and is allowed to work on his / her own only after certification by the accompanying authority.

C.   Back Checks : 

Back checks are conducted on the work done by interviewers on an average 25% of interviews conducted are back checked. Wherever there is the slightest doubt of the authenticity of the data, 100% of the interviewer forms are back checked and if dishonesty is detected on even one question, all forms of that interviewer are rejected.

D.   Strength of Field Force :

Apart from three field officers and nine field supervisors,  Opinion has more than 75 male/female interviewers. A large proportion of these interviewers have been working with us since we started operating, back in 1989.

We have expert interviewers who are assigned to different types of projects. For instance we have specially trained teams for institutional/industrial research and another set for group discussions and yet another highly skilled set of interviewers for depth interviews.